Learn about Arm2Arm


Making a difference in the lives of Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic

Arm2Arm, Inc. is a non profit organization under the provisions of IRS Code of 1954 (501)c (3). Our purpose is to provide basic assistance to the underprivileged population of immigrant Haitians children of the Bateyes, Dominican Republic who currently have limited access to essential human services. It is our goal to demonstrate our love for these children through the organization and on-site administration of programs that will provide fundamental education, health services, food, and clothing. We are committed to using donations made to us to the fullest extent in helping those in need. All children are our future. Join us to feed, teach, protect and Nurture children in the Bateyes of the Dominican Republic.

What do we do?

We counter the overwhelming need of Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic. We currently support two major initiatives:

  • Medical Missions: For the past five years, Arm2Arm, Inc. has organized a team of medical volunteers that provides free health and medical services to Haitians in remote Bateyes who might not otherwise see a physician.
  • Education: Several years ago we opened a one-room school in the Bateyes. This school provides education for nearly twenty students. We pay teacher’s salaries, offer breakfasts, and educational supplies.

Look at the History page for more information about Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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