Page of Thanks

A MOOSE-sized

Thank You!

thankful moose

We are SO grateful once again to the AWESOME

Thompsonville Moose Lodge 1525 & Chapter 1302

 (click to see them on Facebook!)

 for hosting a fun FOOD, FRIENDSHIP,  and LAUGHTER filled night on May 31, 2014.  The ongoing support and warm receptive you have shown to Arm2Arm is so greatly appreciated.  You bring an enthusiasm that goes above and beyond.

AND of course a comedy night could never be comedy night without our wonderful, awesome, hilarious, and KIND-HEARTED  comedians, John Romanoff and Howie Mason (click their names for Facebook friendship, so you can know of their upcoming shows!), who donated their time, energy and hard work on a Saturday evening.  Even FROSTY is so happy that you came (If you don’t get it,  you weren’t there, so please don’t miss it in 2015)!!

frosty dance

Please stay in touch with Arm2Arm, and  of COURSE:




thank you 3

It is hard to express what we at ArmAarm felt the night of May 9, 2014, but we truly hope that everyone who was there felt it too.  It was such a warm evening, filled with love, comraderie, generosity, and renewal.

The 2014 Annual Gala was a tremendous success, thanks to all of you!

We offer a special THANK YOU to South Congregational Church for their hospitality.  Yours is a spirit of giving that seems to grow greater every year.  We are so happy that you came out to support us.  The food was delicious, and the care taken to insure it was all served with ease and love was amazing.

Thank you also to the wonderful Judith Rejouis and her family, whose heartfelt music fit the mood perfectly!  Go to our MEMORABLE PAST EVENTS Page for a link to a recording of one of their songs!

We wish you all peace and love.





This is how we feel at Arm2Arm:cub scout danceWhy???

Because of an amazing cub scout troop :


This wonderful troop supplied MUCH NEEDED supplies for our 2013 Mission Trip!  We are so very grateful to Tony B and his entire pack.  Our trip cold not have been successful without you.  Our kids’ lives in the beteyes were made better thanks to the effort of your kids in Sandy Hook.  



Everyone at Arm2Arm wants to offer thanks to the many wonderful people who came together in the most special of ways to make our 2012 Annual Gala a tremendous and heartwarming success.  We are indebted to the Congregationalist Curch of South Glastonbury for opening their doors to our event and allowing us to feel at home for the evening.  We thank all the chefs, servers, and other volunteers for their time and boundless energy.  And we can never speak highly enough of our inspiring, talkented and generous performers and presenters.  Each and every one of you played a priceless role in this evening, and our organization and the people it serves will gain so much from every magical moment.  Please stay tuned to see how your efforts come to be realized in the joy that we will bring with us to the Dominican Republic in July!



Arm2Arm wants to say a special thank you to two groups who helped to make the success of our most recent trip to the Dominican Republic so very successful  (Click on pics to see larger images):

1) A We could not have done so much work and made such warm memories without the hard work and positive spirit of the students from Glastonbury High School who accompanied us on this trip. 

2) We are also so thankful to the generous parishioners of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Cheshire, CT.  This church sponsored many collections of medical supplies which were put to great use.  In addition, St. Peter’s covered the cost of a very treasured and desired brand new bicycle for the children!


July 26, 2011

Arm 2 Arm is thrilled to announce that the children at our school in the Dominican Republic will now be able to enjoy all the educational and entertainment opportunities allowed by access to a wonderful flat screen TV complete with a DVD player.  These have been donated by a tremendously generous and kind anonymous donor.  We are so very thrilled and grateful.  The kids’ lives will be enriched by this in so many ways.  We will post pictures of the children and teachers enjoying their gift very soon…watch for their smiling faces here.  THANK YOU!


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